Saturday, July 27, 2013

Should the CAE Educate the Audit Committee?

Do not expect  all the audit committee members to possess sufficient accounting ,audit and risk management knowledge and experience . In a perfect world it would be great if they do ! As we don't live in such a world ,someone should take the initiative to educate them ,and I believe that this " someone " should be the CAE !

During the brief period when I established and managed an internal audit activity for a multi - billion dollar company ,I took it upon myself to keep open communication lines with management in general and the audit committee in particular in order to keep them abreast of developments in areas relevant to their responsibilities .In the case of the audit committee ,I used to share with them news,articles and publications relating to accounting,audit ,risk management ,corporate governance and other areas of interests . And to make things more interesting ,I used to send them a monthly quiz ! I was pleasantly surprised with the positive reaction of the committee members and their desire to receive more information and quizzes ! In fact ,they were competing to score higher points each time I send a new quiz .

I am fully aware that not all audit committee members will act in the same way, but the CAE should at least try and fulfil this educational role . It not only benefits the audit committee members and the organization ,but helps to strengthen the CAE's relationship with the audit committee.


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