Sunday, 31 January 2016

Please God, let Him Not be an Internal Auditor!

A visitor to my company’s website ( has sent me the following message:  send to me all publications


He was referring to a section in the website where I offer visitors to send them a PDF copy of my blog posts. My first reaction was “wow”! I do not see “hello”,” please” or “thank you”! My second reaction was a prayer “Please God, let him not be an internal auditor”!


Before I proceed with this post, I should show some manners and thank the visitor for inspiring this post!


Can you imagine what would be the reaction of a customer if an internal auditor communicates with him/her in this way! This type of manners will not only reflect on the auditor alone, but on the internal audit activity as a whole, on its reputation and on its efforts to market itself as a professional value adding party!


Good manners, in general, and good communications manners, in particular, are part of the “must have” soft skills for internal auditors! I call on CAEs to take a hard look at their auditors’ communication manners and offer guidance and training when needed.


Bottom line is “Manners still matter”!

These are my thoughts, please share yours!





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