Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Separating Governanace from Managemnet ( COBIT 5) : Does it work in practice ?

The fifth principle of COBIT 5 calls for the separation of Governance from Management on the basis that these two disciplines encompass different types of activities ,require different organizational structures and serve different purposes .

COBIT 5 also states that  governance is the responsibility of the Board of Directors under the leadership of the Chairperson, while Management is the responsibility of executive management under the leadership of the CEO.
It also recognizes that specific governance responsibilities may be delegated to special organizational structures at an appropriate level, particularly in large .complex enterprises.

The above , in theory , sounds like a good and desirable practice . My question to you is : Do you think this works in practice? Can we completely separate Governance from Management ? Do we really want management not to  take part of managing Governance  ?

Your views are appreciated.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Should ISACA & IIA merge ?

In a tweet today, I have raised the question of wether ISAAC & IIA should merge and become one body ? If there is an agreement that IT (IS) audit is part of internal audit and should be governed under one structure in a company,then why not merge ISACA & IIA ? Please shre you thoughts.

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