Thursday, 31 March 2011

Reputational Risk: A Myth or a Fact?

I have just finished attending PRMIA‘s webinar relating to reputational risk and conflict of interests in banks and finance. This has reminded me of the debate on whether there is such thing as reputational risk? There are those who believe that it exists and can be identified and measured and others that believe that there is no such thing as reputational risk, but risks to reputation.
I will be writing a detailed article to simplify and explain the two schools of thoughts soon.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh,God Spare Us from Campaign Adds

With the election campaigns underway in Canada, I had one dream: that God spares us from the US like negative campaign adds!! My dream was short lived!!

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Conservative Government has fallen ,what's next?

Ok, the opposition in Canada was successful in bringing the conservative government down. Great job, I did not like that government either. But, I am not sure that there will be any change as a result of this. My prediction is that a new minority conservative government will emerge from the upcoming elections? The problem is that the liberal party lacks serious charismatic leadership and the NDP is too weak and too small.
Bottom line is that we are wasting $300 million, cost of the elections, for nothing .I wish that this money could be spent on health care, education or even improving the conditions of the roads in Ottawa!!

Internal Audit as A Disruptor!

Disruption   has been one of the most used words in the last few years. It has been used by people who understand its true nature and me...