Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Move from external to internal audit

I always receive e-mails from my linkedIn group(Internal Audit consultants) members asking for career advise .The last e-mail I received, a couple of days ago, was from a young member and it read as follows:

"I need your guidance at this stage as I started my career in external audit,and now I shifted to internal audit."

My response to him was as follows:

In my opinion, and based on my long experience in both external and internal audit ,the most important skill needed to be successful is people management skills. As you shift from external to internal audit, I hope you will benefit from your consulting mind set and treat your auditees as clients . I follow these 3 P’s:

In fact ,recently I have added a fourth p : personalization .Each auditee is different and needs a personalized approach to deal with him/her.

What do you think of my response?

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