Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Internal Auditors: What do you see when you take a selfie?

You know what stakeholders think of you, those who like you and those who don't. You may agree or disagree with their views and you may feel that your profession deserves more appreciation and recognition. At the end of the day, it is all about perception gained by experience dealing with internal audit! But, do you truly know what you think of yourself? When was the last time you took a hard and honest look at yourself and performed a self-assessment of your image, reputation and performance?

 If you take a selfie (snapshot) of yourself today, what would you see? Choose from the list below:

  1. I love what I see: I see an almost perfect professional with little or no need for change or improvement .I am on top of every topic, it can't get any better! If this is what you see, it is highly recommended that you seek immediate professional help!
  2. I like What I see: So far so good, I am on the right track. There is always a room for improvement and continuous development. I know my areas of improvements and I am continuously working on it!
  3. I neither like nor dislike what I see: It is neither bad nor great.I guess it’s acceptable!
  4. I don't like what I see: things are not working as planned or as supposed to. I am not happy with my contribution. Too many things need to be changed and improved.
  5. I don’t see anything: don’t be disappointed, you are not alone. Your stakeholders don’t see anything too!

In analysing your selfie, ask yourself the following questions:

·         Is your company really in a better position because of internal audit? In other words, does the presence of internal audit make any noticeable positive difference?

·         Have you ever been told “what would we do without you”? (No sarcasm intended of course!).

·         Do you feel you are respected and sought after for advice and consultation?

·         When was the last time the audit committee and/or management thanked you for a job well done?

·         Can you name the top five risks facing your company/industry without having to think about it first?

·         Does your company feel “safer” because of your work?

·         Is your definition and understanding of “add value” in line with those of your stakeholders?

·         Do you see yourself as a dynamic and flexible person who can adapt and respond to emerging risks/issues in a timely manner?

·         Are you a good communicator? How often do you communicate with management and audit committee?

·         What have you learned today?

Of course there are many more questions that you can ask yourself if you are willing to!

Now, what do you see when you take a selfie? Share if you can!

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