Friday, 28 June 2013

Are you an Internal Auditor at home as well ?

How your career as an internal auditor is affecting your lifestyle and relationship with others?

It is a fact that our careers affect our lifestyle in a way or another, whether we intend this or not .For example, as an internal auditor, do you find yourself :

- Dealing with others with skepticism without giving them the benefit of the doubt ?
- Paying too much attention to details at home ? This may not keep your spouse happy !
- Trying to maintain independence in your relationships with family members and friends when    sometimes we have to take sides and be biased?
- Questioning if your actions may result in a conflict of interest all the times ?

On the positive side ,do you think that internal audit made you :

- A more effective communicator
- An objective person
- A persuader
- Add value and change lives around you
- Vigilant.  You pay more attention to your surroundings.
- Assess risks more reasonably ! Or does it reduce your risk appetite ?

Please share your thoughts and experience .

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