Friday, June 28, 2013

Are you an Internal Auditor at home as well?

Is your career, as an internal auditor, affecting your lifestyle and relationship with others?

It is a fact that our careers affect our lifestyle in one way or another, whether we intend this or not.For example, as an internal auditor, do you find yourself :

- Dealing with others with skepticism without giving them the benefit of the doubt?
- Paying too much attention to details at home? This may not keep your spouse or other family members happy!
- Trying to maintain independence in your relationships with family members and friends when sometimes you have to take sides and be biased?
- Questioning if your actions may result in a conflict of interest all the time?

On the positive side,do you think that internal audit made you :

- A more effective communicator
- An objective person
- A persuader
- Add value and change lives around you
- Vigilant. You pay more attention to your surroundings
- Better understand risks and opportunities
- Improved your decision-making process

Please share your thoughts and experience.



  1. In general, what u r saying is true and I have observed this fact in my life very closely. Whatever is our profession, it has a very strong impact on our thinking, behaviour and attitude and above all our relationships. Internal Auditors are just not an exception. However, I think, in majority of the cases its just unintentional. Its not easy to always remember and change the professional hat, once out of office and gŕadually the behavioural pattern becomes 24×7.
    There are very lucky few who could adapt to family hat once out of office and thus have a balanced life.

  2. Internal Auditors now are not fault finding human machine. We are the catalyst for improvements and innovations through audit activities. We look for loose internal controls and suggest for improvements not punishments. We seek to discover outdated procedures to be renewed and adapt to new policy and technology changes.


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