Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Do Internal Auditors Need a Slogan ?

Almost two years ago ,a member of my LinkedIn group "Internal Audit & Risk Management Consultants " posted a discussion asking members of the group to think about a slogan for the Internal Audit Department . I though the discussion was ended a long time ago , but when all of a sudden many new comments started to pop up ,I though to revisit the issue . I thought the timing is good since we are celebrating our awareness month !
At that time, my comment on the discussion was :
"Actions speak louder than words !! Do a great job for your organization and people will come up with a slogan for you ! "
I still stand by this belief .However ,many other members did volunteer slogans such as :
- Our Contribution is known by the Value Addition of our Services to the Company
- We are trusted partners driving the change agenda in the Group
- We Guarantee Quality
- We help to achieve Corporate Governance
- Success together
Do you think we need a slogan ? If so, what would you suggest .

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