Saturday, November 19, 2011

IT Security and the Average Person

Last week, I was visiting a healthcare provider and was impressed with the software he was using to provide his services .I asked him when was the last time he backed up the data and patient files on his computer, I was shocked when he said "never". I asked him what will happen to his practice if his 3 year old laptop suddenly collapsed and the data can't be retrieved from the hard disk. He simply shock his head .I did not leave him that day until an external hard drive was bought and all his data were backed up.
This is only one example of too many cases that people face every day .How many of you can access unprotected Wi-Fi networks at home or work? How many of you know of people who do not have antivirus software installed on their computers? Or who do not use passwords to protect their computers of mobile phones?
This lack of basic IT security knowledge is not limited to the older generation of technology users, but can be seen at all age categories.
Spreading basic IT knowledge and awareness is an important step in living in a safer world. If every one of us can help those we know to reach a minimum level of IT security awareness, we will contribute to living in a world of less spam, identity theft and other risks.
I know that this takes time and effort, but it is worth it!

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