Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Do you have the "right to disconnect" outside business hours?

 A few days ago, the Province of Ontario in Canada introduced a right to disconnect law under which companies with 25 or more employees are required to establish policies that give employees the right to disconnect from business-related communications(including emails, messages, and phone & video calls, a ) outside regular business hours.

While the benefits and importance of the right to disconnect and its impact on the work/life balance and mental health wellness are not disputable, its implementation and success in practice are yet to be seen. 

Areas of consideration for internal audit

  • Do you fully understand the spirit of the right to disconnect concept and are able to assess its effectiveness and implementation?
  • Do you think it will limit your access to staff and information and impact your audit plan?
  • Do you think it will increase your productivity?
  • Would you plan to include it in your HR/culture audits?
If you work in a country that has already adopted the right to disconnect regulation, please share your experience.

picture source:Why You Should Respect Your Employees' Right to Disconnect | FlexJobs

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