Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Future of Management Consulting

I am facilitating a discussion through Convetit on the future of management consulting. A diversified panel of experts from around the world are providing their valuable insight and thoughts.

The first theme of the discussions covered " How management Consulting is Evolving in Response to Technological Advancement& Disruption?" .The conclusion was that:The rise of small & Agile independent consultants with focused specialization is a trend to continue in the future: - Small & Agile Consultants is the trend- Focused: strict specialization on the rise- The big  Consulting firms will stay big! 

The second theme covered "Attributes of the Future Management Consultant". The panel concluded that:A Future Value - Adding Trusted Management Consultant is One With Empathy, Courage, Real Life Industry Experience and High Communication Skills!- Empathy Came As A Top Attribute!- Real Life Industry Experience is a Must!- Be Courageous!- Communication, Communication, Communication! 

We have started the third theme which is currently discussing what would management consultants do differently from now on to ensure they remain relevant.Please join the discussion and share your thoughts!

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