Friday, August 5, 2016

Is There Such Thing as the "Future Auditor"?

The last issue of Protiviti's "The Bulletin" entitled "The Future Auditor Revisited ", discusses some of the characteristics of future auditors and how they can add more value and stay relevant. It builds on  the firm's 2014 vision of future auditors. It suggests that future internal auditors should:

  • Focus More on Strategic Risks
  • Think Beyond the Scope
  • Add More Value Through Consulting
  • Facilitate Effective, High Quality Communication 
  • Elevate Stature and Perspective
  • Align Stakeholder Expectation
The firm offered an example of 15 ways the future auditors can achieve the above and add value:

While I have no problem with the above, I am not sure why we are still talking about it as the "future" when it has been around for years! Should not this be the present and we start thinking beyond it to shape the future of internal audit. Are internal auditors stuck in their past that the future remains a moving target! Or to put it bluntly:Is there such thing as the future auditor?

These are my thoughts,please share yours!

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