Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Do Internal Auditors Gain Influence?

I have recently attended an IIA webinar "The Evolution of Internal Audit: Assure, Advise, & Anticipate" presented by Deloitte. The first part of the presentation had an interesting theme "Adapt or Disappear"! The message to internal audit was crystal clear: "do not be a dinosaur". The presentation offered the following action plan for internal audit to navigate from present to future:

While there is no surprises in the above four steps, the "gain influence" part caught my attention!

How do Internal Auditors Gain Influence?
In a document that bears the same title (Adapt or Disappear),Deloitte explains how influence is gained as follows:

"Strong leadership from the CAE, a compelling articulation and cultivation of an impactful role, including as a trusted advisor, will help raise the stature of internal audit and gain the CAE a seat at the table with other c-suite executives for greater influence and impact".

I would simplify this by providing my suggested  formula:

Courage + Vision + Charisma + Passion + Effective Communications + Relevant Audits + Practical Advice + Marketing Plan + Real Time learning!

I may also add "Translation" which is a term I borrowed from a Harvard Business Review article. It was explained as: "personally helping decision makers understand complex content".

Now, what is your strategy to gain influence? Please share your thoughts and experience.

How do internal audit gains influence

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