Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Does Country Culture Influence the Quality of Internal Audit?

Culture has big impact on almost every thing in our lives,from what we eat,how we dress to how we conduct business.Culture also determines how relationships in the society and within organizations are managed including those between  internal auditors and their customers!

I have had the pleasure of working in different countries with professionals from different backgrounds and cultures and have witnessed  first hand how culture plays a role (positive and negative) in the relationship between internal auditors and management.

 The influence of culture on relationships and business practices  may impact the quality of internal audit despite internal auditors' struggle to comply with IPPF and deliver the highest quality of audits!

Although many articles have covered this issue before,my goal in this post is to engage you in providing your thoughts and experience.Once I receive enough feedback ,I will put it together in a detailed post !

Please participate and share your thoughts and experience !

I can't read the name of the Author of the above quote because it is too small. If you know it, please share it with me!

Picture source:http://www.quotessays.com/culture.html

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