Thursday, November 27, 2014

Internal Audit Survival Kit !

In preparation for winter, I always make sure that my car is equipped with a survivor kit ( after all , I live in Canada !) . The kit includes : a snow shovel, a thermal blanket ,water, biscuits ,matches, candles ,flash light , battery booster ,thick car tow rope ,first aid materials ...etc). Obviously, the purpose of this post is not to discuss winter preparation ,although it does not hurt to remind ourselves of its importance ,but rather to discuss internal audit !  So let's start !

like any other living thing in the world, internal audit needs to survive, not only in turbulent times ,but on daily basis .To survive ,there are certain attributes and skills that internal auditors must have.

My internal audit kit always includes my 4 p's :

- Professionalism : act professionally at all times and under any circumstances.
- Patience : it pays off at the end of the day to be patient and calm.
- Persistence :don't give up on a difficult person or process
- Personalization :people are different , study auditees and personalize how you approach them.

Other things to consider in your kit:

- Communication Skills :if you can't communicate effectively, you don't exist !
- Minimum IT knowledge : It is a must to survive !Don't become illiterate.
- Learning: make it a point to learn something new every day. Don't become a Dinosaur .
- Risk Sensors :ensure that your risk sensors are activated and working.

There are many other soft and hard skills that may be added to the kit, the above are only the basics or the "must have" to survive !

What's in your kit? What will you add to mine ?

Please share your thoughts !


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