Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are Internal Auditors Still lagging Behind ?

I was saddened ,not surprised though , with some of the PwC's 2014 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study findings  :

  • On average only 49% of senior management and 64% of board members believe internal audit is performing well at delivering expectations .
  • More than half (55%) of  senior management do not believe internal audit adds significant value.
  • Significant differences of opinion  exist between stakeholders and CAEs on the nature of what is expected of internal audit. 

Although the above percentages show slight  improvement from the year before, it is, in my opinion, disappointing !
In your opinion ,as an internal auditor ,do you think that:
  • The results of this study reflect what is happening at your organization?
  • Internal auditors are not doing enough, yet, to prove themselves and gain a seat at the table .
  • Internal auditors are not doing a good job "marketing" themselves and communicating with management.
  • There is still a lack of awareness among senior management of the importance of internal audit.
  • Internal audit expectations are vague and unrealistic .
  • No body likes to be audited !
Please share your experience and thoughts ! I think the issue at hand is a result of all of the above !
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