Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do you have what it takes to be a mentor?

Being a mentor provides a great deal of job satisfaction and makes jobs more enjoyable and productive! However, not everyone has got what it takes to be a mentor.
To be a mentor, one should be:
- a good listener
- a leader
- patient
- willing to share knowledge
- experienced
- committed
- and above all, has the right mindset

Why Become a mentor?

An article published by the ExecutiveBrief lists the following argument :

"A great number of mentors claim that by being a mentor, one earns the respect and recognition of peers. Mentoring enhances authority, thus firming up one’s position within the organizational structure. The mentor likewise is given the opportunity or the chance to learn from the mentee."
While I agree with the above statement, I do not support the notion that mentoring should be used for enhancing the mentor's position. This should not be an objective by itself but can be a byproduct of the mentoring process.

I have come across a useful publication by Human Resources and  Skills Development Canada ( HRSDC), which provides good guidance about mentoring. I would like to share it with you. It can be accessed here.

Have you thought about mentoring?
If you already have, was it rewarding as promised?

These are my thoughts, please share yours!

picture credit:http://www.trudeaufoundation.ca

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