Tuesday, January 8, 2013

‎ Shall we promote the CAE to CAO?‎

The Head of the Internal Audit department is usually referred to as the Chief Audit Executives (CAE). It seems this is a generally accepted title and is being used worldwide. But, do you think that it undermines the position compared to the other “C” suite positions? For example, we don’t call the top financial person Chief Financial Executive ( CFE), we call him/her Chief Financial Officer ( CFO). The same applies to other executive positions  such as CEO, CIO , CRO...
If we really want a seat at the table, shall we start by having the right title!! Why not start by changing CAE to CAO (Chief Audit Officer).
I am interested in your views and I hope that it goes beyond “ this is a formality “ and “ substance over form” cliche!

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