Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is Wrong with Corporate Canada ?

With the news of problems facing RIM and its intention to cut 2,000 jobs worldwide ,due to declining sales, I am reminded that Canadian success stories may not be as successful as we think .Yesterday it was Nortel and today it is RIM, and who knows who it will be tomorrow ! What is happening in Corporate Canada? Is it merely the conditions of the markets that are leading to these results? or lack of leadership? My guess is that it is the latter! Look at the co –CEO structure at RIM as an example! Another RIM example would be its new Playbook that does not have G3 connection! It only connects to the internet through Wi-Fi! I did not expect this from a company that manufactures one of the best smart phones in the world!How would they be able to compete with Apple with a product like this?

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