Sunday, 25 March 2012

The NDP has a new leader, now what?‎

While I am not affiliated with any political party, I am very much interested in politics! For this reason, I was following the NDP leadership elections with interest. I am glad Thomas Mulcair has won the race, because I share his vision of the future of the party. Whether you call it moving the party to the center or moving the center to the party, the party and the center need to meet! This is a must to keep the party relevant and to widen its presence on the political spectrum.

There are many Canadians, myself included, who are not ready to join a right wing or a left wing party .Why? Because we stand in the Middle! And we need a party that can share and promote our views .Unfortunately, the Liberal Party has failed to accomplish this due to, in my opinion, weak leadership. The last leader of the party that I admired was Jean Chr├ętien.

So now, let’s watch with interest how the NDP will evolve and whether it will leave its comfort zone and become a party for all Canadians!

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